Free Auto Skin Retouch Script

Watch How to use help video below


This video is for Windows User. If you are a Mac User Read instructions given below.
If you are mac user you dont need to copy and paste the .jsx script into C: Drive. Just download the .jsx script file. Keep the script file in any location except desktop and record an action while running the script.
To record the action , Open any image in photoshop and click on start recording option in action panel. You can open Action Panel from Window Menu. When action starts recording go to File Menu > Script > Browse and locate the .jsx file. Double click on .jsx file and let the script run. When process finishs stop recording the action from Action Panel and your action will be ready. For any help whatsapp me on +97 9755667780. Thanks

If you are Window user please don't forget to paste the .jsx script file to C : Drive otherwise you will get an error Javascript Code Not Found.If you are unable to paste the script in C: Drive then follow the instructions given to Mac Users. Thanks

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