Free Color Correction Script

Watch How to use help video below

Small Update: If anyone is getting alert again and again that " you are about to run the script contained in file "CC_Script_By_Mohit_Jaipuri.jsxbin" Aare you sure you want to do this ? To uppress this warning, add WarnRunningScripts 0 to the PSUserConfig.txt file in the photoshop setting folder and restart Photoshop...
Here is the solution..create a text file and name it PSUserConfig.txt , inside text file type WarnRunningScript 0 , save the text file and paste it at this location and restart photoshop
C:\Users\<Your PC Name> \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2022\Adobe Photoshop 2022 Settings
This will solve the problem...thanks..

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